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Innovation Exhibit Contact:          WhatsApp +91 8956064920

May it be starting a profitable clinic, or may it be initiating sustainable consultancy or may it be offering a skilling program or may it be commercializing your research or you want to initiate your own start-up.....

The Start-Up ignition program empowers you to think like a successful and profitable venture.

It is an art and journaling activity based on a hands-on session during the conclave. Every registering participant shall get learning content access. The first 250, who will be completing the assignments, shall qualify for this hands-on workshop.

Start-Up ignition

We believe every individual has the ability to innovate. The innovation exhibit is an opportunity for all to present their research work with potential for commercialization or present innovative products.

Opportunity to Get Feedback & Validation of your idea and grab investors' attention.

Every innovation exhibit participant shall automatically get access to the start-up ignition program and guided mentoring session to prepare for the final innovation exhibit presentation.

Innovation Exhibit

All qualified innovation exhibit participants shall get access to pitching in front of the angel investors and seed fund entities. Your well-prepared presentation may fetch deserving seed funds for your start-up idea.

Inspired by Sharktank,  get funding for commercializing your research, or your Start-Up Idea.

Based on the potential of your research work and/or Idea, your proactive response during the innovation exhibit, and the guidelines you follow for preparing the final presentation, you have an excellent opportunity in front of you.

Innovation Cave

The Oral Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship Skill Program is a condensed 50-hour initiative that guides participants through the journey from idea to commercialization in the oral health sector. This hands-on program focuses on interpreting and initiating a dental clinic as a profitable startup, offering a three-credit certification from IDA and INNOeVERSITY upon completion. It equips participants with the skills to construct effective business models, revenue strategies, and go-to-market plans, enabling them to launch a successful venture aligned with their passion for oral health innovation.

Oral health innovation and entrepreneurship skill program

Innovation is the key, we need more job creators. The objective of this initiative is to support researchers and innovators in transforming their ideas into commercially viable business ventures.

Opportunity for Institutes, Innovators, Researchers, Industry, and Investors to be part of a sustainable innovation eco-system.

Every participant shall get access to the start-up ignition program and guided mentoring session to prepare for the final innovation exhibit presentation and qualify for seed funding.

Innovation Ignition

Fostering creativity, collaboration, and the development of innovative ideas and solutions. Bringing together individuals with a shared interest in exploring and promoting innovation.

Forums and Groups led by experienced mentors and masters discuss topics of your interest and learn from their experience.

Collaborative brainstorming discussion sessions aimed at solving problems or creating new products and services, by experts mentors, and masters from diverse backgrounds.

Innovation Club 

We believe every growth stage start-up has its unique needs and requirements. The Start-Up support program is systematically structured to fulfill each start-up's needs

Enabling Start-Ups and innovators to transform their business ideas into successful business ventures 

Every start-up is nurtured through "Idea-Resonator, Idea Accelerator, Start-Up accelerator, and Investor meet till they successfully graduate from the program. 

Start-Up Support

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