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Have an idea? Want to know how to generate impactful idea? Want to know value of your idea? Need funding to transform your idea into successful business venture? It’s a journey. We believe you have creative mind with ability. Lets get it nurtured correctly.

Gain 2 months equivalent experience that can add value for your placement and job interviews also, making you stand uniquely with your creative Idea-resonator journal.

Kick-Start with Our “Idea Resonator Program through “Journaling Art Method” It’s perfect starting point.


Program Cost: Institute is sponsoring your complete expenses for this program, if you are interested.

Cherry on Top: 5 Best performing participants shall qualify “Building Entrepreneurial Mindset” program worth 40,000 completely free of cost. Certificate from SPINOFF by Singapore Polytechnic.  


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    Idea Resonator (Hybrid)

    • All impactful ideas have the potential to change the world. Simple but exciting innovative idea could solve difficult problems.  Incorrectly developed ideas are not impactful and working on such ideas can lead to waste of time and money. Idea resonator can help in saving your time and money!!!

      Objective of Idea resonator program is to enable participant to explore the systematic process of identifying problems worth solving, brainstorm on possible solutions and generate quality idea having potential for profitable commercialisation.

      Our expert mentors work with participants to systematically help them in identifying right problems, develop, modify, and build their ideas. It helps to create a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. The Program encourages young minds to dream big.

      This is a 48-hour program which includes 16 hours of guided mentoring and max 32 hours of activities & assignments. This is 16 hours guided mentoring, activity, and assignment-based program. Expected outcome of the program is to identify individuals or teams with great idea that can be nurtured and supported further (Through next programs idea accelerator followed by start-up accelerator) through mentoring and funding support for transforming their ideas into successful business venture.

      Discussion Topics: Problem identification (Spotting, Capturing, Articulating, Documenting and Digitising problem statement), Problem validation (Is there a need to solve the problem?) Problem impact analysis (Is it a problem worth solving?) Solution brainstorming (Invention V/S Innovation, out of box thinking), Idea derivation (Describe it: What is it? What does it do? What problem it solves? Competition analysis)

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